Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What We Were Hoping For

Elisabeth Vincentelli wrote a recent blog post in the New York Post's theater blog talking about her colleagues' responses to David Adjmi's Stunning at LCT3. You can read the piece here. I was quite excited by it for two reasons: First, it mentions (and links to) Critic-O-Meter (thanks, Elisabeth!), and second because it uses Critic-O-Meter as a resource for furthering the conversation about the show and critic's responses to it.

This is precisely the kind of thing Rob and I were hoping for when we started the site, and, indeed, I feel moments like this fly in the face of objections that we were somehow cheapening the discourse of theatre by providing a one-stop-shop for New York theater reviews. Our goal was always to provide an easy consumer guide and a tool for furthering conversation simultaneously. It's gratifying to see Elisabeth use it as such, just as it was gratifying to see her and Aaron Riccio discuss her thoughts on the show in the comments to our Coraline wrap-up.

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