Friday, January 16, 2009

A Strange Thought Experiment

Let's say for the next two weeks, you were going to solely rely on Critic-O-Meter's grading system to choose what plays you were going to go see (and that money was no object). You decide to see only plays that have scored at least an A- on our scale, and you decide to see all of them. This is what your itinerary would look like:

South Pacific at Lincoln Center, Avenue Q on Broadway, Forbidden Broadway Goes To Rehab (currently our highest rated show!), The Cripple of Inishmaan, Women Beware Women, Sleepwalk With Me and The Shipment...

That's one experimental play about racial politics in America, one autobiographical stand-up comedy show, one lesser known Jacobean classic, a Martin McDonagh play, a parody show of Broadway musicals and two Broadway musicals.

That actually seems, come to think of it, like what a normal slightly adventurous New York theatregoer of, say, my parent's generation would do if they were here for two weeks. Interesting...

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